Rsign is a Luxembourg digital trust platform, which enables companies to perform electronic signatures according to the European eIDAS standards.

Rcube Professional Services and Rcarré (IT services for FSPs and SMEs) are launching with Nowina (electronic signature service) the first Luxembourg SaaS platform enabling them to offer an electronic signature service with probative value without prior investment or technological installation!

The legal value of the Rsign electronic signature is recognised by the European “eIDAS” regulation, which establishes a European framework for electronic identification and trust services. Documents signed by this type of signature must be accepted as evidence by the judge.

The Rsign electronic signature platform enables documents to be downloaded and made easily accessible to one or more signatories, thus speeding up the signature process. Once the document has been defined and sent, the signatory only has to log on (with strong authentication) and then affix an electronic signature.

Two types of signatures at your choice

The advanced signature which allows documents to be signed using a unique code received by SMS (method also used by banks). The Rsign platform collects the necessary proof for you.

In a second phase, the qualified signature will allow you to sign documents thanks to certificates issued by recognised organisations, such as smart identity cards.

The advantages of Rsign

Rsign is an innovative platform in the world of digitisation and the zero-paper concept.

It is a secure digital trust solution, created in accordance with European and Luxembourg standards. In addition to providing the probative value of the electronic signature, the platform can be deployed in PFS mode and support all the confidentiality and security requirements of this environment (e.g. strong authentication). Proof of signature is stored in our redundant environment.

Savings: with a signature cost of less than €2, the solution is more economical than sending it by traditional mail or courier. Email notifications of document status also save companies time compared to sending and returning documents by post, not to mention all the manual procedures involved in handling documents, with all the loss of time and quality that this entails.

The application allows better document tracking thanks to the definition of deadlines and various email notifications.

Ease of use

The Rsign platform is intuitive and has been designed to be easy for companies to use. After choosing the subscription corresponding to their needs, customers simply deposit their document, define the signatories, choose the location of the signatures and finally send the document for signature.

This solution offers maximum mobility thanks to its design adapted to PCs, tablets and smartphones, and accessible via a simple Internet connection.

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