Rcube Professional Services can become your partner in your GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliance thanks to its dedicated portal and its many “GDPR Ready” solutions.

The entry into force of the General Data Protection Regulation is approaching at high speed. There are still 50 days to comply with this law, which will come into force next May, but many questions remain open to a large majority of companies:

– How to approach this regulation?

– What measures need to be taken?

– What operational and financial impacts will result?

Asking the right questions

A pragmatic approach to achieve GDPR compliance consists of examining four distinct axes:

– What personal data does your company possess and where are they located?

– How do you manage them?

– What are the mechanisms to protect them?

– How can you demonstrate compliance with these GDPR obligations in the event of an audit?

Rcube Professional Services, your partner in GDPR compliance

Rcarré and Rcube Professional Services are competent to help you in your compliance by relying on two distinct aspects: consultancy and support and the offer of numerous technological solutions.
Being well prepared and planning the right tools are the best way to achieve, in stages, the required compliance!

For all requests for GDPR support, please contact us by email at sales@rcube.lu or by phone at +352 31 71 32 555. Our sales and technical teams are at your disposal to support you in your compliance and to inform you about our products and solutions designed to be “GDPR Ready”.