In a time when digital tools allow for more flexible ways of organisation where employee mobility is more conceivable, it can be advantageous for companies to use the information and communication technologies at their disposal. However, to ensure that this does not hamper business activity, it is important to ensure optimal protection of all the devices used and the information circulating on them.


Mobility today

It is now possible to continue one’s professional activities outside the usual place of work.
Today, numerous technological advances enable employees to no longer be attached to a specific physical workplace. As the field of telecommunications has been changing continuously over the last few years, this has had a direct impact on the way people work. Indeed, it is now possible to transport information to where people are.

Conditions for controlled efficiency

However, in order to enable society to take full advantage of mobility, various means must be put in place.

First of all, equipment enabling remote access to all documents must be provided and collaborative tools (software in the Cloud, shared diaries, etc.) must be made available to employees. It is also necessary for workers to remain connected to the company in order to be able to communicate, at any time, with their team and clients. Finally, it is essential that remote activities are as secure as those carried out within the company’s offices. Indeed, due to the considerable amount of data that can be accessed anywhere, it is essential to ensure the protection of all devices used outside the office as well as the confidentiality of information.

Our approach

Thanks to its range of services, Rcube Professional Services is able to meet all of these criteria, while adapting to the specific needs of each company.

Indeed, our solutions allow you to find your workstation thanks to a virtual office accessible from anywhere. Our solutions will also make it possible to access all information remotely. The telecommunications that need to be carried out between employees and their customers and colleagues are, for their part, ensured by our VoIP solutions (lower cost and equal quality). Finally, the security of activities performed remotely is ensured thanks to data encryption, strong authentication systems with unique password, as well as tracking and erasure software.

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