IT helps the business. And for non-specialists, adoption is difficult to follow. It is therefore essential to keep abreast of current trends.

Starting in September, Rcube and Rcarré are launching a new concept, offering you the opportunity to take part in their ProximIT breakfast sessions, completely free of charge.

These ProximIT breakfast sessions will take place as follows:

We look forward to seeing you from 8.30 am at “Le Pain et la Toque” – located in Capellen – to enjoy breakfast, while benefiting from the IT expertise of Rcube and Rcarré.

Various IT themes will be decrypted:

-The different types of Cloud: This September breakfast will focus on the different Clouds and the advantages of one or the other, the criteria for accessing them and the steps to follow for a successful migration. You will also have the opportunity to compare the different Cloud models and their associated uses. September 24th

-IT & Brexit: In October, our breakfast will focus on the Brexit issue and its impact on IT. In particular, we will discuss the ins and outs related to data and exchanges. October 22nd

-Panorama of security levels: Our third breakfast is designed to provide a panorama of existing security levels. We will take the opportunity to talk about the protections to be adopted and the prioritisation in relation to criticality. We will also review recurring security breaches, while highlighting the management models to be followed. November 19th

-Shadow IT: Finally, our last breakfast of the year will address Shadow IT. We will analyse this phenomenon in order to highlight the various opportunities and threats that can arise from it. December 17th

In short… essential subjects!

Places are limited, so don’t wait any longer to register at!