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Tuesday, 25/01/2022 from 11am-12pm :

Why combine Artificial Intelligence and human intelligence in cybersecurity? (FRENCH SESSION)

At a time when cybersecurity is a challenge for all companies, it is complex to choose a solution to protect your data and not jeopardize your business.

Numerous solutions exist to protect against cyber threats: so-called classic tools such as firewalls, anti-virus, or even Artificial Intelligence solutions; but is this enough? How to be sure to have the best protection according to your potential exposure to threats?

Discover through our webinar why it can be wise to combine basic tools with solutions using Artificial Intelligence, BUT also the human intelligence that are the cybersecurity experts!

Tuesday, 22/02/2022 from 11am-12pm :

Why are we experiencing a shortage of electronic integrated circuits? (FRENCH SESSION)

Microelectronics is revolutionizing the way we communicate, consume, and think. Everything seems to be fast, clean and reconfigurable, but behind our screens lies an industry that requires more space, energy and material than ever before.

The supply chain is under severe pressure. The limited capacities of operating mines and smelters, not to mention geopolitical problems, are at the origin of this shortage which is likely to last.

Our technoliberal society must change its economic logic and scientists must adopt a holistic approach to innovate within the limits of our earth ecosystem.