In line with ongoing developments in cloud computing services, we provide businesses with multiple services for pooling IT resources through software virtualisation and application accessibility as an internet service.

Our constant objective is to deliver an effective and high quality response to changes in information technology. While not seeking to blindly follow the latest trend, we remain committed to understanding your requirements and integrating the most relevant innovations.

Your requirements in terms of information sharing, data synchronisation, archiving and collaboration objectives, security, and throughput, can now all be met.

These innovative and professional virtualisation solutions are divided into five solutions:

  • Dynamic Cloud:  take advantage of a pooled or dedicated virtual platform and associated services (PaaS, IaaS, SaaS).
  • Office 365/Mimecast: Microsoft’s iconic Office 365 package offers users total flexibility in their everyday office work. Paired with Mimecast, this solution secures, archives and monitors your emails.
  • Endpoint Protection:  equip your workstations and servers with complete protection against the most malicious viruses and complex attacks.
  • E-mail Security Cloud: get rid of spam, viruses and phishing for good: E-mail Security Cloud delivers complete security for incoming and outgoing emails.

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