Business on the move, with anyone, anywhere and at any time 

New ways of working, such as mobile work or telecommuting, are now possible thanks to technological advances, and allow you to offer more flexibility to your employees while maintaining control over the various actions undertaken. 

Several technological solutions allow you to integrate mobility while preserving your internal security policies:

   •  Cloud computing : your employees will be able to access the same workspace as their usual work environment, anytime, anywhere, and from any device (PC, tablet, smartphone, etc.), with a level of protection similar to that present in the office.

   •  Collaboration tools enable you to centralize and share different documents and information with people inside and outside the company.

   •  VoIP solutions offer the advantage of remaining reachable even outside your regular workplace at no additional cost.

The implementation of these solutions must, of course, only be done in the presence of a security policy in accordance with the regulator’s requirements.


Keep your data safe and manage access


Increase your teams’ productivity


Offer maximum flexibility to your teams

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