Proactive, professional, responsive and efficient: these are the qualities that characterise our team of over 100 staff. Accompanying you every day in all your IT projects, Rcube Professional Services combines its experience and technical skill to offer high-level expertise.

With the aim of bringing real added value to companies of all sizes, our skills range from IT maintenance to project management, consulting, and the provision of experts and support services.

Our range of expertise offers five major solutions that can be adjusted to suit your needs:

  • Global IT: we aim to help you optimise your resources and let you benefit from our flexibility by outsourcing the management of your IT hardware fleet.
  • Project management: from the definition of specifications to quality control, we support you in all your IT projects.
  • Sourcing: we support you over the short, medium or long-term with the provision of qualified, experienced and certified PSF-certified IT experts.
  • Consulting: our experts help you optimise your IT solutions to help you grow.
  • Support service: called “non-recurring field services”, our Level 1 and 2 support service is available from 7am to 7pm, or according to your needs.

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