When innovaphone AG was founded in 1997, call charges were a major cost factor, especially for globally active companies. Changing this circumstance and improving business communication were the main objectives of the innovaphone founders.

The solution: developing a Voice over IP gateway that would digitize voice so it could be transported via the internet to save costs. This one little silver box turned into a comprehensive product portfolio for business communications. The start-up from back then has turned into a leading European provider of universal work and communication solutions with more than 100 employees.

innovaphone has always been self-financed to 100%. The headquarters are located in Sindelfingen, Germany, with additional branch offices at other German locations, in Austria, Italy, France and Scandinavia. All hardware and software solutions are developed and produced by engineers and specialists in Europe. Global sales are processed through certified innovaphone resellers and distributors.

We are certified :

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