Since 2001, ip-label has been helping companies manage and optimize the performance of their mission-critical applications. Its user-centric products and services enable organizations to improve the availability and response times of their applications, which drive business success, in order to increase their audience, revenues and productivity. Today, ip-label is synonymous with : 700 customers worldwide | A network of certified partners | 25+ countries where it is present |200+ measurement points worldwide | Over 10 billion data measured and analyzed every day.

Ekara is the only disruptive and non-intrusive solution platform developed on the Digital Experience Management (DEM) market. Ekara is a true technological breakthrough, capable of identifying and correcting the malfunctions of digital services on its clients’ internet platforms or intranet applications (web, mobile, business, fat clients, Citrix, voice, etc.), on all types of media (computer, mobile, etc.). Integrating all technologies, especially Cloud (Azure, AWS, Google, OVHCloud, Alibaba Cloud etc.).