Protect your data with high-performance backup and storage solutions ! 

The world is overwhelmed with data: structured or unstructured, generated internally or created by others, stored in the cloud or on local servers. Data is at the heart of your company’s business and is its priceless legacy. 

Putting in place a reliable and effective backup for your data is essential to the continuity of your activities; this will allow you to recover your data, in whole or in part, in case of loss. 

Our outsourced storage solutions in Luxembourg Tier IV data centers ensure a high availability of your backups thanks to monitoring and redundancy of servers.

Security and reliability of backups :

Our backup solutions are hosted on servers located in Luxembourg data centers.

Tier IV Data centers :

Our Luxembourg data centers are Tier IV certified, which ensures, among other things, a very high availability of your data.

Redundancy :

All of our servers are constantly monitored and redundant to ensure unfailing security and availability.

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