Managing IT data has become essential for any business that maintains an IT hardware fleet. A prized asset in any organisation, data is the raw material in today’s business world.

Aware of its importance, we offer solutions combining intuitiveness and effectiveness. Indeed, faced with powerful and coordinated attacks, traditional backup systems typically fall short. Thus, to ensure optimal backups, but also business continuity in the event of an incident, the backup system should be located off-premises.

With our backup solutions, your files are backed up and hosted on a continuous basis within Luxembourg data centres. In addition, multiple backups are created so that each server has a copy of its own. In the event of an incident and should one server fail, others will step in to ensure the continuity of your business.

As with each of our services, we make it a point of pride to ensure the confidentiality of your data. Encrypted and accessible only by its owner, the external data maintains an optimal degree of protection. Moreover, the data is stored within servers that are hermetically sealed to external threats.

Multi-environment backups use VEEAM and Quest Software solutions, which allow business continuity thanks to the immediate availability of stored and backed up data, ensuring you remain productive while the affected servers are down.

VEEAM and Quest Software are applications that guarantee the protection of your digital data. Uniquely, they combine backup, replication and retrieval in a single software solution designed for physical, virtual and Cloud environments.

Unending backup windows, slow recovery from incidents, expensive maintenance: VEEAM and Quest Software put an end to the hassles inherent in data backups. You can now enjoy all the flexibility you want: choose the backup frequency, the infrastructure for replicating the entirety of your data, or the level of protection depending on the importance to your business.

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