Effectively manage crisis situations

Over the past several years, exceptional events have shown the vulnerability of our countries and businesses to large-scale disasters. The development of networks and the globalization of activities highlight our vulnerabilities (to natural disasters, human or health weaknesses, risks of infrastructure failure, etc.).

Major incidents, even if their probability is low, can have a lasting impact on your business and multiple commercial, legal and financial consequences. In addition, a shutdown of your business can also have a negative impact on your image and reputation.

Our offer consists of:

Alternative workspaces : 

Alternative workspaces: 3 fully equipped BCP rooms in a relocated emergency site, with a wide range of benefits (close to the highway, parking, kitchen space, etc.).

Advices :

To help you design and develop business continuity strategies based on your risk analysis, define and implement a business recovery plan, and determine your RTO (Responsive Time Objective) and RPO (Recovery Point Objective).


To meet your needs, such as setting up a business continuity plan (BCP), analysing your risks, deploying preventive measures, and conducting regular tests to ensure the BCP works properly in the event of its implementation.

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