Control the access and security of your data to protect your business !

The security of your data is essential to the survival of your business and should not be underestimated. External attacks are becoming more frequent and more and more devastating !

IT security is a vast field that can seem tedious to set up. Our security solutions help you put in place the right measures to comply with your internal security policies while respecting the legal data management constraints imposed by the PFS sector. 

Data protection also requires training employees in internal and external threats they may face, through awareness campaigns and the definition of rules for the use of the web in order to limit its inherent risks.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) :

Protect yourself from data loss whether intentional or unintentional, from the outside world or internally.

Protection and encryption :

Implement a data security policy and an encryption solution for the latter to ensure their security even in the event of a data leak.

Data erasure :

Ensure efficient, permanent, and certified erasure of data stored on loan, rental or end-of-life equipment (with a report to be produced for your audits).

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