The E-mail Security Cloud solution by Symantec ensures total protection of your incoming and outgoing emails on a 24/7 basis. By opting for an email security solution, you protect incoming and outgoing emails on your Exchange®/Lotus Notes® server by continuously analysing their content. An effective and pinpoint protection that will protect you from serious consequences in case of an attack.

Because your electronic conversations must remain confidential, enhanced email security is required against malware, phishing, spam and targeted attacks. With E-mail Security Cloud, you surround your inbox in the Cloud with an unmatched additional layer of protection against digital threats. Thanks to these proven methods, our solutions allow you to take advantage of Cloud solutions without jeopardising your business or productivity.

With our global Cloud platform, all your emails are filtered, analysed and safeguarded through a multi-layer defensive architecture combining several scanning engines, traffic analysis, validation of recipients, and many other functions, such as predefined or dynamic blacklists, all of which is available in several languages and in real time.

Moreover, each message is analysed from different angles (title, main body, attachments, etc.) in order to detect the slightest anomaly and block any malicious content before it reaches your computer or mobile device. This versatile solution from Symantec adapts to numerous IT platforms. Indeed, in addition to analysing the multiple components of incoming and outgoing emails, it also scans the various types of files present as attachments, such as Microsoft Office documents or PDF files.

Finally, in addition to its antispam and antivirus functions, E-mail Security Cloud offers constant technological surveillance for viruses through its Security Operation Center (SOC). If new attacks appear, the platform will identify them and prevent them from infiltrating your systems.

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