The Endpoint Protection solution offers complete protection of workstations and servers against viruses and complex attacks. With the physical and virtual environments in a constant state of transformation, there is a need for a much more effective defence than traditional antiviruses can provide. Symantec’s Endpoint Protection security software covers the full range of existing operating systems: Windows, Mac, Linux, virtual machines, onboard systems.

Endpoint Protection combines nine essential security technologies into one powerful agent with a single management console. Paired with multiple successive defensive layers, Endpoint Protection succeeds in blocking most threats before they can take over the machine.

The Granular Control option goes one step further in securing your IT environments by offering more protection and flexibility. Granular Control establishes different security protocols depending on the users or the locations from which they operate. These features ensure a safe ecosystem and offer the possibility to implement stricter controls when highly confidential data is involved.

With Endpoint Protection, these solutions ensure cutting-edge defence without slowing down the system, and detect new threats faster and more accurately than traditional protection methods.

Why protect yourself?

The need for businesses to acquire serious protection follows from a clear-cut finding. In 2015, 317 million new variants of malware were detected. An organisation cannot possibly adapt to all these risks. To address this major challenge, Endpoint Protection draws on the collective knowledge of over 200 million systems and more than 3.1 billion files worldwide in order to be constantly prepared to respond to newly created threats. Malware is then deleted from the systems to protect them from viruses, worms, Trojan horses, spy software, bots and rootkits.

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