Financing technological investments differently

Operational leasing  brings unparalleled flexibility to the financing of your technological equipment, be it IT, industrial, medical or even office furniture. Unlike traditional financing methods, you have the option to include installation, maintenance and support services.

Simple, flexible and attractive financing

  • Efficient cash-flow management
  • Protection against hardware obsolescence
  • Retain self-financing capabilities
  • No VAT contribution
  • Significant tax and accounting benefits
  • Operational flexibility

Comprehensive, no-surprises Device as a Service contracts

  • Term of lease corresponds to the products’ useful life
  • Fixed lease payments that cannot be raised by the lessor
  • Service contract included (installation, support, maintenance)
  • Licences included
  • Comprehensive insurance included

A-la-carte packages

  • Global rent
  • Sale and leaseback
  • ISO Budget Lease
  • All-inclusive DaaS package for PCs

RLease can combine your IT strategies and solutions into a transparent financing plan over the term of your choosing. Our range of financing and services is designed to help you achieve your business objectives and support you throughout the lifecycle of your projects.


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