A variety of apps and services that can be accessed at all times

SaaS applications are becoming more and more popular, and are present in almost any domain, allowing you to integrate mobility at all levels of your organization. A real boon to your performance, these save you heavy investments in software purchases and relieve you of maintenance and software updates to be carried out, the latter being included in your subscriptions. 

Without mentioning them all, these SaaS solutions are grouped into several categories: accounting, human resources, collaborative solutions, electronic signature, monitoring, office standards, financial and identification solutions, VoIP, business solutions, etc. 

We host a number of these SaaS solutions in our private cloud.

Accounting Solutions :

Sage, Sage 100, Bob on the Cloud, Horus on the Cloud, EBP Compta, etc.

Electronic Signature :

Rsign solution, of 100% Luxembourger origin, compliant with eIDAS regulations.

Office Standards :

MS Office & O365, Adobe reader, Filezilla, Java, Sharefile, etc.

or MyPBX for a telephony solution, MyGesper for human resources management, and many more.

Our articles on some SaaS solutions :

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