VoIP, investing for tomorrow

The IP-PBX enterprise telephony market has already outpaced traditional business telephone systems (PABX). Switching to a central office operating on an IP network is the strategic choice for the future.

IP telephony brings together all the company’s equipment  phone on the same network and the same protocol. The downward trend in the price of bandwidth allows real savings. With remote stations no longer physically connected to lines but to the internet, IP telephony allows the user to keep their phone number while travelling abroad.

Investing in voice over IP means:

  • Naturally integrating the world of telephony with that of computing.
  • Gaining mobility and flexibility.
  • Reducing the telecom bill.

Never oversized, always perfectly adapted and able to accompany growth:

  • Physical or Cloud exchanges in all situations, from the simplest to the most sophisticated, from single site to multi-site, with sedentary or mobile users.
  • From fixed stations (SIP, H323) to mobile stations (DECT, WI-FI or GSM) via the integration of non-standard terminals
  • Adaptation to all heterogeneous environments, financial, hotel, industrial, professions, healthcare, etc.

Voice-email unified communication for every need from attendance and single number management to the enrolment of mobile phones as users.

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