Enjoy the many benefits from a cloud computing

Our R-Cloud services, labelled “Made in Luxembourg”, are one of the answers to the growing need for digitalization allowing your business to remain competitive in a rapidly changing market. R-Cloud lets you access your data, business software, and resources, anywhere, anytime, and from any device. 

With a simple Internet connection, you can take advantage of R-Cloud’s many benefits: on-demand resources, service tailored to your needs, alternative platform choice (computer, phone, mobile, PDA, etc.), flexibility, high availability, not to mention protection and security of your data.

Mobility and collaboration :

With R-Cloud services, increase the mobility of all your employees and develop inter- and intra-team collaboration.

All-inclusive and adaptable service :

Determine the storage capacity you need and adapt it to your changing needs; we’ll do maintenance and updates.

Cash savings :

Cloud computing saves you from the heavy investments previously required thanks to pricing based on the actual use of resources; allowing you to spread the costs over the duration of the contract with invoice amounts known in advance.

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