Wi-Fi, an essential tool in today’s IT world.

Wi-Fi has become an essential tool in today’s IT world. It is widely used in business: at the office, in industrial environments (factories, storage and delivery areas) but also in shops, hotels and public areas (hotspots).

Depending on the needs, sound execution of the technical and logical implementation of Wi-Fi architectures is key.

Controllerless Wi-Fi architecture

Easy and quick to set up, this type of infrastructure uses routers with on-board software for broadcasting the SSID, managing authentications, DHCP distribution and routing. This model is suitable for small infrastructures that don’t need advanced features nor an overall view of the information system.

Wi-Fi architecture with physical or cloud controller

The most structured and common solution, it uses a box similar to a switch, which includes the administration and configuration software for the Wi-Fi routers. This model is more secure, fail-proof and offers the most features. Configuration is physically centralised and can be administered from a single point. The Wi-Fi routers carry only the bare minimum for connecting clients and broadcasting an SSID.

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